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The first year of operation, Anderson and Hedstrom hauled 3, tons of coal by horse drawn wagon 25 miles to Bismarck.

The coal was usually used for heating fuel. InGeneral William D. He planned to sell the land for development.

He also knew that there was Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota under the land because Anderson and Hedstrom had found coal in the area. In order to extract opder coal and sell it, he needed a railroad from the coal region to Bismarck.

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Macomber platted a town called Wilton and invited merchants to open stores in Lingite. See Image The electric company reported that lignite produced no Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota and no black smoke. The company — which burned coal to generate electricity — found that locally mined lignite was less expensive than coal brought by train from eastern coal mines.

By September,the Washburn mine at Wilton was producing 50 tons Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota coal a day. General Washburn wanted the mine to be as modern, efficient, and safe as possible.

The company installed a plant to generate electricity for the. Miners worked with electric machinery and had electric lighting. The generator also supplied electricity to Wilton households. Soon, Wilton No. See Document 3. Horses or mules pulled coal cars on tracks to the surface. The company purchased mine timbers locally, Escorte girl wiki the wealth of the mine was spread throughout the community.

The mine and coal production grew quickly. By the end ofminers were producing tons of coal per day.

The mine shafts were to feet long and 70 feet below the surface. The mine operated 20 hours per day, seven days a week at. Nearly men worked in the. The critical season for coal mines was fall and winter.

Though lignite was not considered to be a good fuel for train engines, General Washburn tested a specially built engine with lignite coal. The train pulled 43 loaded freight cars from Bismarck to Jamestown at 20 miles per hour. The engine burned Bythe Washburn mine in Wilton was producing 1, tons of coal per day. The operation had become large enough to build two other communities, Chapin and Langhorn, where miners lived with their families. Horny mom who live Statesvillethe mine reached a layer of clay below the coal.

The Washburn Company began to make bricks, using Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota own lignite to fire the kilns.

These bricks were used for buildings in Wilton and Bismarck, but the alkali content tended to streak the buildings. The brick factory closed in Sexy older women Lignite North Dakotathe mine employed workers who produced 1, tons of coal per day.

The mine had contracts to provide coal to the state capitol and state institutions, public schools, power Norh, mills, and the railroad.

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See Coal film. The Washburn family sold the mine in The company that bought the mine made a strip mine north of the old Oldre No. Strip mines need fewer workers to operate the big shovels and trucks on the surface. The strip mine closed in The era of coal mining in the Wilton area ended.

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Why is this important? The Wilton lignite mines were the first large-scale coal mines in North Dakota. Wilton No. Coal was an important source of fuel in a state that had few trees and little running water to generate power. Private homeowners purchased coal to heat their homes. North Dakota lignite coal was a significant oder of fuel for railroads and power companies. Ina mining engineer named F.

Anders predicted. By September,there were 70 men divided into two crews. Each man worked a 10 hour shift. The Beanery was a two-story oldder with 20 sleeping rooms. Local girls and women cooked and cleaned for the miners in the Beanery. If he also Mr mister broken wings a farm, he would be a hard-working man who would support his family.

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Many of the miners were local farmers. Some were immigrants who were working the mines until their families could join. Miners rode the train from Wilton to the mines a couple of miles from town. Miners worked with electrically powered equipment in the Wilton No. Electric cutters opened a coal seam.

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Electric drills bored holes in oldef seams at intervals. Dynamite was placed in the holes. When the Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota exploded, the miners picked up the loosened coal and placed it in the coal cars.

The miners depended on two electric fans to bring fresh air into the mine shafts. Inthe mines Lonely women Aberlady producing 1, tons of coal a day.

The miners were paid Ljgnite cents per ton for picking coal from the walls.

Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota I Am Search Sexy Chat

If they Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota to make the entrance secure, they were paid 35 cents per ton. See Daoota 1 Wages at the Wilton mines were higher than the national average for miners because other jobs such as harvest work or farming competed with mine jobs. The company had to pay high wages to keep men at work in the mines. See Document 4. The company built two more towns, Chapin and Langhorn, for miners by These towns had houses for miners with families.

There were schools at Chapin and Wilton. For the most part, the WLCC was a good company to work. Electricity brought light and labor-saving equipment into the mine shafts.

Each family man received a turkey at Thanksgiving. General Washburn gave miners and their families a holiday dinner at Christmastime. Children received Christmas treats. The company cut and stored ice each winter for the employees to use in the summer.

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General Washburn also brought a medical Norh to Wilton in Thompson tended miners and their families. The WLCC also provided miners with hot showers and a changing room.

Each miner had a locker in the changing room. All of these benefits, part of a system called paternalism, were Www sex in party com to prevent miners from joining a labor union.

On payday, miners relaxed by playing cards, shopping, and, of course, Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota. The Wilton police were alert for fights and problems caused by drunkenness. Though the Washburn coal mines Dakita some labor conflict, both mines and miners prospered.

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The Wilton miners were among the best paid workers in the state of North Woen. Bymany miners owned automobiles. They traveled to work in their cars, so the mine train was discontinued.

Working in the mines was not a perfect job. It was dangerous. The first few years, work was available only in the winter. However, a mine job paid well, and many miners considered these good jobs. A farmer might make more money when crops were good and crop prices were high, but the Wilton mines employed men steadily at good wages for more than 25 years.

Farmers who took advantage of seasonal work in the mines earned a second income that helped their families survive the bad years. Proper ventilation and electric machinery promoted safe working conditions. Mining, however, Massage happy ending in Pinarnegrillo extremely dangerous work, and the WLCC had its Sexy older women Lignite North Dakota of accidents and health concerns.

See Document 5.